Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know what size to buy?

Easy Arrangers are measured using the diameter of the opening of your vase.  We recommend choosing an arranger .5-1 inch larger than the opening of your vase.  For instance, if your vase has a 3.5" wide opening, then a 4 inch Easy Arranger would fit great.

I don't know the measurement of my vase!  How do I choose?

When in doubt we recommend buying the 3 pack to have all of your bases covered.  Here are also some size suggestions for common vases

Tall cylinder vases work well with the 4 inch and 5 inch Easy Arrangers

A hurricane candle holder or vase usually will work with a 5 inch or 6 inch.

If you have a vase that a dozen roses came in from the florist, then likely the 6 inch will be perfect.

Can I reuse my Easy Arranger after bending it?

Yes!  After removing the flowers, just rinse of the arranger, flatten it and store it for the next use.

Can I use the Easy Arranger in the bottom of my vase?  Like a old-fashioned frog?

Yes!  The Easy Arranger can be fully submerged in water and will not rust.

Where are these made?

They are hand-woven in China.  We ship from our warehouse in Cedar Springs, MI.  

I want to sell these in my store/fundraising group/garden club.  Who do I contact?

Please visit our informational page for our company, Annabelle Noel Designs. There you will find a direct link to our wholesale ordering platform.  If you have further questions, please email us at sales@annabellenoel.com